Arcane - Mage: the Ascension p. 118 - You are hard to track down, follow, or find when you are hiding.

Area Knowledge - You have an extensive knowledge of London and its layout, and thus can find your way around much faster than other people.

Avatar - Mage: the Ascension p. 118 - Your avatar determines the amount of free quintessence you can store and spend, as well as how active your avatar is in your existence.

Chantry - Guide to the Traditions p. 215 - Your rating in the chantry background determines how well liked you are in your chantry and how much contribution you've given in the past and can expect to receive in return. You will generally roll Charisma + Chantry to gain access to chantry resources such as nodes, wonders, and resources.

Contacts/Allies - Mage: the Ascension p. 119 - You have a number of sources of sleeper information or assistance to help you when you need it.

Cult - Guide to the Traditions p. 214 - You have a mystery cult of credulous folk that view you as their priest and thus help with ritual magick, adding successes for their participation.

Destiny - Mage: the Ascension p. 119 - You have a great destiny and it comforts you in times of trouble, refreshing your Willpower.

Dream/Past Life - Mage: the Ascension p. 120 - You have access to the universal unconscious and your avatar's backlog of dreamy memories, allowing you to temporarily access abilities that you would not otherwise know.

Fame - You are well known for some kind of accomplishment or stardom, and this gives you special treatment.

Familiar - Guide to the Traditions p. 217 - You have a spirit bound in flesh to assist you. It can dissipate paradox, call on unusual information, and provide other benefits in exchange for quintessence or tass.

Influence - Mage: the Ascension p. 120 - You are plugged into the upper echelons of London, and can call on favors owed and use your position to your advantage. This influence is perfectly legal, and rarely involves blackmail or extortion.

Library - Mage: the Ascension p. 121 - You own a library of mystical lore which allows you to research supernatural happenings and study spheres.

Mentor - Mage: the Ascension p. 121 - You have a more experienced mage as a teacher, and he is willing to impart his knowledge for little in return.

Node - Mage: the Ascension p. 122 - You have possession of a wellspring of mystical significance. This allows you to refresh quintessence at a much faster rate and to more easily perform magick in its ambience, but protecting it is an incredibly responsibility.

Requisitions - Guide to the Technocracy p. 182 - You have access to the chantry's charm supply, able to gain one-shot talismans for your use in chantry sponsored missions.

Resources - Mage: the Ascension p. 123 - You have access to money.

Sanctum - Guide to the Traditions p. 220 - You have a location suffused with your paradigm such that magick is less prone to causing paradox for you, and allows you to purchase other backgrounds at a reduced cost.

Status - You are known and respected within your tradition and within the Traditions as a whole.

Wonder - Mage: the Ascension p. 123 - You own a talisman or other permanent magical item.






Acute Senses 1-3 M:tA

Ambidextrous 1 M:tA

Catlike Balance 1 M:tA

Daredevil 3 M:tA

Huge Size 4 M:tA

Insensible to Pain 4 M:tA

True Love 4 M:tA

Common Sense 1 M:tA

Concentration 1 M:tA

Light Sleeper 1-3 M:tA

Lightning Calculator 1 M:tA

Time Sense 1 M:tA

Berserker 2 M:tA

Code of Honor 2 M:tA

Eidetic Memory 2 M:tA

Iron Will 3 M:tA

Green Thumb 1 M:tA

Parlor Trick 1 M:tA

Circumspect Avatar 2 M:tA

Medium 2 M:tA

Oracular Ability 3 M:tA

Natural Channel 3 M:tA

Stormwarden 3-5 M:tA

Unbondable 3 M:tA

Fae Blood 4 M:tA

Lucky 4 M:tA

Shapechanger Kin 4 M:tA

Twin Souls 4 M:tA

Legendary Attribute 5 M:tA

Shattered Avatar 5 M:tA

Nine Lives 6 GttT

Avatar Companion 7 M:tA

Dual Traditions 7 M:tA

True Faith 7 M:tA







Addiction M:tA

Defective Sense M:tA

Short M:tA

Disfigured M:tA

One Ear/Eye M:tA

Primal Marks M:tA

Bad Sight M:tA

Deformity M:tA

Lame M:tA

Slow Healing M:tA

Deaf M:tA

Mute M:tA

Aging M:tA

Blind M:tA

Child M:tA

Dark Secret M:tA

Mistaken Identity M:tA

Shy M:tA

Witch-Hunted M:tA

Probationary Member M:tA

Compulsion M:tA

Deep Sleeper M:tA

Nightmares M:tA

Soft-Hearted M:tA

Speech Impediment M:tA

Amnesia M:tA

Deranged M:tA

Phobia M:tA

Short Fuse M:tA

Vengeful M:tA

The Bard's Tongue M:tA

Devil's Mark M:tA

Echoes M:tA

Geasa M:tA

Phylactery M:tA

Cast No Shadow/Reflection GttT

Vulnerability GttT

Bedeviled GttT