The Whitechapel Knights

Chantry Leader: Kan Wu

Chantry House: The Nine Dragons Dojo, Bishopsgate Street

Type of Leadership: Mentorship

Primus Cabal: The Nine Dragons Dojo

Other Cabals: Banshee's Keening, Vulcan's Forge

Chantry Background:  The Whitechapel Knights were formed in 2000 after a conflict of mission statements between Kan Wu and Hsieh Lang (leader of the Circle of London).  The Whitechapel Knights chantry is dedicated to using magick and mystical resources to make London a better place and to actively pursue pushing the traditional paradigms whenever it is possible.  Cabals take numerous missions both from higher traditional leadership and according to ideas they have themselves.  Members are expected to be open minded, willing to help out whenever reasonable, and to not grow apathetic and withdrawn in the face of the apparent apathy of the outside world of the Sleepers.


The Nine Dragons Dojo

Cabal Leader:  Kan Wu (Akashic Brotherhood Mage)

Querant: The Sun - A glorious, powerful but vain individual.

Avatar: Knight of Swords - a fiery, active avatar prone to indescision and deceit.

Appearance: A handsome Chinese man in his early forties, he wears his hair in a crew cut. incredibly fit, physically, he looks good in a business suit but is commonly seen simply wearing a pair of linen trousers and a wifebeater shirt underneath which can be seen his intricate 9 dragons tattoo on his back.

Roleplaying Notes: In control, nice but authoritative, willing to compromise, weak to flattery, comes up with plans that are heavy on offense and resource use, rarely seems stressed out outside of a crisis.

History: Master Wu was born in an Akashic monastery in north China and grew up in study of the martial arts. Awakened in his mid-teens, he traveled the world in search of enlightenment before finding who he thought was an excellent teacher in the form of Hsieh Lang in London. For several years Wu served as Lang's top student and assistant. Yet in the wake of the Reckoning, there were numerous arguments between them as to the future of the traditions. Lang wished to go into hiding, in effect, and only pursue the least risk-oriented goals while the traditions regained their strength. Wu believed that now was the time to go out, achieve big goals, and use the Technocracy's problems as a cover for finally taking long-needed steps. The two men broke on this argument, and Wu founded his own chantry and dojo, taking several members of the old chantry. He is now unquestioned leader of the chantry, but now is having to learn that leadership is not all giving orders and optimism.

Kim Wan (Akashic Brotherhood Mage)

Querant: Queen of Cups - A woman who reflects the nature of the observer, dreamy, tranquil, poetic. Kind yet not willing to go to much trouble for others. Tends to bow to peer pressure too easily.

Avatar: The Universe - An individual prone to synthesis, delay, opposition, inertia, patience, and perseverance.

Appearance: An attractive Chinese woman in her mid twenties with her hair cut in a short, modern style. She is small and lithe, and wears nice looking but not expensive casual wear when she is not in her martial arts clothing.

Roleplaying Notes: Dreamy, tranquil, imaginative, mostly unhelpful, conceited, unpersistant, unlucky, generous, passionate, loving.

History: Wan is a first generation English child born to an immigrant Chinese family. Always dreamy and prone to flights of fancy, she was little suited for most professions. Potentially a great artist, she had little talent for anything other than dance. Taking martial arts classes with her brothers, however, she soon found her way into the advanced class taught by master Wu. She awakened within a few months of training, and followed Wu to his new school. For her day job she dances professionally in the London ballet, and helps teach classes in the dojo at night.

Tevin Deller (Akashic Brotherhood Candleflame)

Querant: The Chariot - A faithful and obedient individual, prone to victory and violence.

Avatar: The Hierophant - A pedantic teacher that cautions against anger.

Appearance: A tall black man in his early thirties with light skin and a bald head. Wears traditional dojo-garb most of the time, but wears jeans and t-shirt when out of the chantry. Moves with powerful grace and is incredibly well muscled.

Roleplaying Notes: Faithful, violent, insatiable, lustful, focused, obedient.

History: Tevin was your typical street punk and thief when he tried to rob Wu over a decade ago. Wu decided to attempt to make something of the young lout, even though he had barely the spark of an avatar. Tevin awakened not long afterwards and finally had some direction in his life. Having no need of the intense Sphere study of other mages, and without an interest in Akashic sorcery, Tevin has long focused on perfecting his physical skills. He is Wu's favored student and would even, at this point, be able to take his mentor if not for Wu's magick. Tevin has become a very useful backup amongst the chantry, especially since he has trained himself to be able to assist in Chorus, Ecstatic, and Hermetic rituals.


Banshee's Keening

Cabal Leader: Kent Parker (Celestial Chorus Mage)

Querant: Prince of Cups - A young artist with calm surface and masked passion. Ruthless with the potential of evil ambition.

Avatar: The Universe - synthesis, crystallization, delay, opposition, and inertia.

Appearance: A twenty-something with sandy blonde hair in a fashionable haircut, blue eyes, and a small scar across his right temple. Wears expensive casual attire in blues, khakis, and golds. Clothes and hair are usually slightly rumpled in appearance, making him look somewhat rogueish.

Roleplaying Notes: Self-confident, unconcerned about the small stuff, driven, somewhat lecherous. Speaks in a mellowed Scottish accent.

History: Kent is the only son of Jonathan Parker, a wealthy Glasgow steel magnate. Kent is a devout Presbyterian, and his father originally hoped to have him enter the seminary, where he was inducted into the Chorus. While Kent was unable to feel comfortable in the role of a priest, he has managed to become an Elder in his church and is currently serving as liason to the London Presbyterian churches. His father gives him all the money he needs, and has let Kent take over management of some small businesses in London.

Bricker Price (Euthanatos Mage)

Querant: Death - A transformed, morbid individual.

Avatar: Adjustment - justice, balance.

Appearance: An unimpressive looking man in his late thirties with short dark hair and brown eyes. His face is weatherbeaten and etched with small scars from long-healed cuts, and he carries himself with feral grace. He is typically dressed in dark, comfortable clothing with lots of space for concealed objects.

Roleplaying Notes: Laconic, smart, morbid, confident (sometimes to excess), and prone to getting into arguments if his few statements are disputed.

History: Bricker, under a different name, was a top assassin for the NWO. He had done well in all the schools, trained to become an excellent spy and kiler, and had over a dozen high-profile deaths to his name. It was tearing him up inside, though, and when he was sent against a better fighter he just gave up the combat hoping to be killed. The Euthanatos, however, decided that it was not yet Bricker's time. Re-teaching him, helping him to cope, and giving him the Euthanatos mission Bricker was much more able to fulfill his role in life. Now he seeks to only use his abilities to kill if it is truly justified, and will go out of his way to avoid conflict or to only temporarily disable his foes.

Ellen Lewis (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

Fanny Wilson (Euthanatos Sorcerer)

Jeffrey Theaker (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

Lark Jones (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

Lena Martin (Cult of Ecstasy Mage)

Querant: Princess of Cups - A gracious, sweet, gentle, voluptuous young woman full of dreams and romance but prone to selfishness.

Avatar: Fortune

Appearance: An incredibly attractive woman in her early twenties, thin but full-figured, of Anglo-Saxon descent. Her hair is rarely the same color for any length of time, and her eyes are blue but she wears colored contacts to match her outfit. Typically wears low-cost and comfortable clothing - jeans, t-shirts, etc. - in complete knowledge that she could wear anything and be hot, so is willing to be comfortable. However, when she does dress to impress she is completely stunning.

Roleplaying Notes: Nice, pleasant, romantic, somewhat selfish, dynamic, honest and trustworthy, incredibly aggressive about things she wants, lazy, slow to pick up on plans and other feats of intellect.

History: Lena was working as lead singer for a small rock band in south London while attending school when she was found by a Syndicate talent scout. She began being indoctrinated into the Technocracy, though unaware of it, and soon found her fame growing. Unfortunately for the Technocracy, this brought her into contact with Ian Williams. One week of travel abroad while the tabloids went into great detail about Ian's fling with the barely-eighteen year old and she was awakened into the Cult. Breaking her contracts with Ian's help, she was happy to be out of the limelight as it had been more work than she'd bargained for. She's much happier now that she is working for a cause, but is still worried about the fact that the Technocracy knows so much about her.

Spencer Smith (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

Tanner Richardson (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

Tess Bailey (Celestial Chorus Mage)

Querant: Lust - A courageous and energetic woman with a romantic bent and great magical talent.

Avatar: The Priestess - a pure spirit of boundles enthusiasm.

Appearance: A somewhat soppy looking but friendly woman in her mid thirties. She has long black hair, typically worn in a long french braid and green eyes. She wears sensible casual attire most of the time, but is equally at home in jeans and a t-shirt.

Roleplaying Notes: Friendly, enthusiastic, smart, industrious, courageous, flighty.

History: Tess is a lifelong member of the Chorus, but did not actually manage to awaken until three years ago. Finally able to pursue magickal knowledge, she has not lost any of her skill with managerial tasks and organization. She does not have the force of personality to be a true leader, but she excels in the role of mediator. Her mother was killed by the Technocracy when she was 20 and her father went Barrabi sometime later in pursuit of revenge and is still at large. Tess is constantly in fear that he will come for her.

Tyler Young (Euthanatos Sorcerer)


Vulcan's Forge

Cabal Leader: Opal Smith (Order of Hermes Mage)

Querant: Princess of Disks - An idealistic, kind, diligent young woman.

Avatar: Queen of Disks

Appearance: A classically attractive woman in her late twenties, her long auburn hair frequently in a bun and her brown eyes magnified behind a pair of stylish spectacles. She typically wears coveralls and leather apron, all embossed with sigils, but tends to spend quite a lot of time dressing up when going out in public.

Roleplaying Notes: Idealistc, kind, diligent, vain, presumptuous, thankless, argumentative, courageous, intelligent.

History: Opal Chesterfield was born in western England. Her father was a mason and she was early-on introduced to Hermetic theory. At Oxford she was awakened and inducted into her house, all beneath the Technocracy's nose. When Albert Smith joined the chantry last year there was an immediate spark of attraction between the two crafters. As they spent months "learning to work with each others' paradigms" they grew closer and closer together until they were married just last month. Opal still has a gnawing fear that this relationship will fail like her others and so has been working extra hard to overcome her bad habits when dealing with Albert (which means they tend to come up more often in other company).

Albert Smith (Sons of Ether Mage)

Querant: The Fool - An eccentric but innovative individual.

Avatar: Knight of Wands - active, generous, and impetuous knight.

Appearance: A bookish man in his mid thirties with wild brown hair going gray at the temples and green eyes. He usually wears coveralls, a lab coat, a toolbelt, ethergoggles, bits of some kind of exo-suit, and anything else that he needs in the lab. When going out he is prone to just throwing an overcoat over all of these unless Opal takes care to make him actually get dressed.

Roleplaying Notes: Pleasant, eccentric, innovative, happy, busy, insolent, restless, obstinate.

History: Albert was your typical geek as a child, awakening at a young age under the tutelage of his uncle. He genuinely enjoys all of his work, though he tends to flit from project to project when not under specific request to finish one. He finally found some kind of meaning in his life last year when he met Opal, and is hoping to set the both of them up so they can grow old together without worrying about the tendency for mages to die young.

Christopher Brown (Order of Hermes Sorcerer)

Diarmid Williams (Sons of Ether Sorcerer)

Edward Luther (Order of Hermes Sorcerer)

Laken Hall (Order of Hermes Sorcerer)

Myrtle Wiseman (Sons of Ether Sorcerer)

Theodore Gentle (Sons of Ether Candleflame)

Wendy Baker (Order of Hermes Sorcerer)