The Information

Chantry Leader: Conception Webb

Chantry House: CET Networking Solutions, West London

Type of Leadership: Democratic Anarchy

Primus Cabal: The Pulse

Other Cabals: Thoth's Crescendo, Directory Tree

Chantry Background: Established in 1995, The Information is a research and investigation cabal dedicated to keeping tabs on the mortal and mystical worlds and finding out useful facts for the other members of the traditions in London.


The Pulse

Cabal Leader: Conception Webb (Virtual Adept Mage)

Querant: Art

Combination of forces. Realization. Action based on accurate calculation, economy, management. Success after elaborate maneuvers. The way of escape.

Avatar: Princess of Swords

A young woman, stern and revengeful, with destructive logic. Firm and aggressive with great practical wisdom and subtlety.

Appearance: A pierced and tattooed woman in her early thirties with spikey blonde hair and brown eyes. She has the rasp and tar-stains of a terminal smoker, and the wired look of someone who lives off of an eternal caffeine buzz. She wears comfortable clothing with geek slogans most of the time, but tends to go out of her way to look presentable for public appearances.

Delight Reeve (Cult of Ecstasy Mage)

Ian Williams (Cult of Ecstasy Mage)

Querant: The Star

A hopeful individual, arrives unexpectedly to help - insightful and clear sighted, but prone to dreaminess.

Avatar: The Aeon

Appearance: An incredibly attractive young man in his late twenties, thin but well muscled with short blonde hair and blue eyes. His winning smile is familiar for being plastered all over the latest movie posters for whatever he's starring in. He wears incredibly nice clothing on all occassions, typically looking perfectly coiffed even when it seems infeasibly.

History: His publicist says that Ian was discovered working as a waiter in a downtown London. What they don't say is that he was already awakened to the Cult of Ecstasy. His Ecstatic charisma and stunning good looks quickly catapulted him into local superstar status. Before the NWO or Syndicate could react he was untouchable, and even becoming well known overseas. This fame has given him a unique position to do good work for the traditions.

Lawyer Brown (Virtual Adept Sorcerer)

Ray Walker (Virtual Adept Sorcerer)


Thoth's Crescendo

Cabal Leader: Strom Deacon (Order of Hermes Mage)

Colin Greaves (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

David Golightly (Order of Hermes Sorcerer)

Dawson Hill (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

Faye Lark (Celestial Chorus Mage)

Gracilyn Taylor (Order of Hermes Sorcerer)

Lawton Green (Celestial Chorus Mage)

Summer Fairfax (Celestial Chorus Sorcerer)

Tina Freeborn (Order of Hermes Sorcerer)


Directory Tree

Cabal Leader: Lauren Dashwood (Cult of Ecstasy Candleflame)

Eddie Chaffe (Cult of Ecstasy Sorcerer)

James Bragg (Euthanatos Sorcerer)

Jay Cooper (Verbena Mage)

Lillie Voller (Verbena Mage)

Marjorie Tunnah (Verbena Mage)

Molly Smith (Euthanatos Sorcerer)

Rose Morris (Euthanatos Sorcerer)

Scott Wright (Verbena Mage)