Twinned Hope

Chantry Leader: Therica Bennett & Pearl Macdonald

Chantry House: Twinhope Manor, Stratford

Type of Leadership: Four member council

Cabals: Apollo's Lyre, Artemis' Bow

Chantry Background: After the summer of '99 and the various events of that year, the power bases of the Verbena and Hermetics in Britain had been shattered as horizon realms failed, masters disappeared, and long-standing quintessence channels broke. While still present to some degree, the massive Correspondence routes of connected nodes were largely weakened and disconnected with none left who could reassemble more than a fraction of their power. Thus, when the Verbena and Hermetics gathered under the political efforts of Therica and Pearl, they were forced to choose a relatively new seat of power. Twinhope Manor sits on a powerful node and confluence of minor nodes which had once served as a battery for a Hermetic horizon realm and is only a short ways away from a decently powerful Verbena world tree. This made the place an ideal location for the formation of the new joint chantry. Located less than an hour outside of London, the Twinned Hope chantry serves as the contact point between London and the rest of Britain, as well as a primary channel for tradition agendas from outside the Isles. Due to the size and power of the cabals of the chantry, Twinned Hope has become the chantry to which the other tradition mages of the London area look for guidance, directions, and justice. While the traditions no longer have a truly centralized leadership, the Twinned hope is the closest thing to one in the area.


Apollo's Lyre

Cabal Leader: Therica Bennett, Hermetic Full Mage

Querant: Princess of Swords - Stern and revengeful young woman with strong logic; aggressive, practical, and subtle.

Avatar: Princess of Wands - Individualism, violence, enthusiasm.

Appearance: A tall, waifish woman apparently in her late 20s with short, spikey black hair and emerald green eyes. If this were not enough to hint at fey heritage, the slightly pointed ears would be a dead giveaway. In many situations she wears bulky robes, jewelry, and other clothing of mystically significant colors, which tends to look somewhat odd on her. On occassion she has been talked into wearing loose, flowing dresses and this tends to suit her far better, though few would tell her that to her face.

Roleplaying Notes: Stern, logical, aggressive, practical, subtle, active, good judgement, patient, unselfish, conceited.


Autumn Watson, Hermetic Sorcerer

Beacher Kippen, Hermetic Sorcerer

Carcey Slader, Hermetic Sorcerer

Chalk Thomas, Hermetic Sorcerer

Charisma Chancellor, Hermetic Sorcerer

Chase Jones, Hermetic Sorcerer

Clarity Panther, Hermetic Sorcerer

Collin Scott, Hermetic Full Mage

Dawsen Smith, Hermetic Candleflame

Garrett Rich, Hermetic Sorcerer

Heather Root, Hermetic Sorcerer

Heaven Breakspear, Hermetic Candleflame

Hunter Morgan, Hermetic Sorcerer

Jeffrey Peregrine, Hermetic Sorcerer

Laurentia Ward, Hermetic Sorcerer

Lester James, Hermetic Sorcerer

Mason Davies, Hermetic Candleflame

Melody Allen, Hermetic Full Mage

Ridge Evans, Hermetic Sorcerer

Rosemarie Pye, Hermetic Sorcerer

Sean Phillips, Hermetic Sorcerer

Talisman Bowyer, Hermetic Candleflame

Trace Jones, Hermetic Full Mage

Trentin Smith, Hermetic Sorcerer

Trinity King, Hermetic Sorcerer


Artemis' Bow

Cabal Leader: Pearl Macdonald, Verbena Full Mage

Querant: The Empress - A beautiful woman destined for success, but easily swayed to idleness.

Avatar: Queen of Swords

Appearance: An incredibly attractive Scottish redhead who looks to be in her mid-twenties, though the experience in her eyes indicates that she is somewhat older and is merely kept up by Life magick. She has an intricate and frequently changing set of tasteful knotwork tattoos, which are easily noted since her style of dress favors minimalist black dresses that allow freedom of movement and access to flesh for her athame.

Roleplaying Notes: Serious, noble, short-attention span, short with answers and time for questions, somewhat haughty.



Baptist Clark, Verbena Full Mage

Barnaby Carter, Ecstatic Sorcerer

Clyde Jones, Verbena Candleflame

Cor Griffiths, Ecstatic Sorcerer

Elsa Smith, Verbena Full Mage

Evan Lee, Verbena Full Mage

Hope Oyler, Verbena Candleflame

Hunter Stanfast, Verbena Sorcerer

Jerry Hughes, Ecstatic Sorcerer

John Trett, Verbena Sorcerer

Joy Cook, Ecstatic Sorcerer

Ken Turner, Ecstatic Sorcerer

Raven Wilde, Verbena Sorcerer

Stacey Smith, Ecstatic Sorcerer

Tessa Johnson, Ecstatic Sorcerer

Tom Virgo, Verbena Candleflame

Violet Moore, Ecstatic Sorcerer