The Circle of London

Chantry Leader: Hsieh Lang

Chantry House: East Cloister, Westminster Abbey

Type of Leadership: Mentorship

Primus Cabal: Shining Arc

Other Cabals: The Radiant Beat, The Argent Chord, Lachesis' Diameter

Chantry Background: The Circle of London has existed in some form or other for at least a century. Founded by an immigrant to London after the discovery of a powerful node in the basements of the Abbey, the Circle has expanded its architecture over the years and gained special dispensation to hold classes and meetings in the eastern rooms of the church. From this position of power they are able to influence a great deal of the religious side of London life, as well as being able to contact tourists with great ease. However, members are cautioned to be careful in their dealings, because too much publicity could get them ousted from their chantry by the city government. In the wake of the Reckoning and the end of the Ascension War as it was known over the previous century, the chantry has become even more withdrawn, pursuing secret projects and dealing only rarely with other London mages.


Shining Arc

Cabal Leader: Hsieh Lang, Akashic Full Mage

Pai Zhi, Akashic Sorcerer

Tian Young, Akashic Sorcerer

Xiao Jian, Akashic Candleflame

Yang Xin, Akashic Candleflame


Lachesis' Diameter

Cabal Leader: Cooper Stokes, Euthanatos Full Mage

Alison Belt, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Bront Carder, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Cindy Roberts, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Darlene Robinson, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Elmo Barrett, Ecstatic Full Mage

Holland Whiter, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Jack Edwards, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Robin Bloom, Euthanatos Full Mage

Stanley Stith, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Sterling Smith, Euthanatos Sorcerer


The Argent Chord

Cabal Leader: Jalen Harris, Chorus Full Mage

Abe Jackson, Chorus Candleflame

Dale White, Chorus Sorcerer

Ed Jones, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Elisa Bowerman, Chorus Sorcerer

Jill Smith, Chorus Candleflame

Joya Coe, Euthanatos Sorcerer

Lilli Williams, Euthanatos Full Mage

Mae Bevin, Chorus Full Mage


The Radiant Beat

Cabal Leader: Nisha Dasari, Dreamspeaker Full Mage

Dash Selvi, Dreamspeaker Sorcerer

Jhawar Patel, Dreamspeaker Full Mage

Sepatha Rajat, Dreamspeaker Candleflame

Sohan Veer, Dreamspeaker Sorcerer

Tara Patel, Dreamspeaker Sorcerer