Ability Score Qualities

For each ability score note the modifier. A positive modifier is the number of positive qualities that can be bought for that ability while a negative modifier is the number of negative qualities that must be bought for that ability. A character can trade two positive qualities in an ability for one positive quality in another ability. A character can trade one negative quality in an ability for two negative qualities in another ability. A character may take up to three extra negative qualities in any abilities (only one in each) to gain up to three extra positive qualities in other abilities (ones that did not have an extra negative taken in). A positive quality can be spent to buy off a negative quality in the same category. A character cannot take conflictive positive and negative qualities. Some qualities form trees where the lower qualities must be bought after the higher qualities, but for no extra cost. In general, qualities have no hard and fast system effect, but will affect story narration and may result in a circumstance modifier in very appropriate situations.

Strength Qualities


Athletic (Any)

The character possesses a level of muscle tone that is considered attractive by those attracted to strong-looking individuals.

Built (Male humans, male dwarves, and related half breeds only)

The character is massively muscled, and sets womenfolk to swooning when he passes by.

Strong Worker (Any)

The character puts out so much effort that it draws favorable notice in any vocation where strength is an asset.

Tall (Any)

The character is above average height due to good muscular makeup.

Gigantic (Any)

The character stands far taller than is normal, dwarfing the competition.


Scrawny/Flabby (Male humans, male dwarves, and related half breeds only)

The character’s lack of muscle definition lowers his chances of landing a discerning lady.

Weak Assistant (Any)

The character’s lack of muscular force attracts derision whenever attempting a task that strength is helpful for.

Short (Any)

The character is under average height.


Dexterity Qualities


Thin (Any)

The character’s body mass is concentrated into a visually pleasing package.

Supple (Female humans, male and female elves, and related half breeds only)

The character is incredibly lithe, seemingly a wonder to caress.

Graceful (Any)

The character has a level of poise and balance that makes for extra praise of any dexterity-based performance.

Swift (Any)

The character moves quickly, outpacing those with comparable scores in distance and reaction time.


Stocky (Female humans, male and female elves, and related half breeds only)

The character’s blocky musculature is considered to be unattractive at best.

Clumsy (Any)

The character draws distaste for any dexterity-based performance, no matter how technically proficient.

Slow (Any)

The character manages to be well behind those with comparable scores in both distance and reaction.


Constitution Qualities


Lively (Any)

The character has a blush of health that draws admiration from anyone looking for a mate.

Robust (Female dwarves, male and female gnomes, and related half breeds only)

The character is a towering inferno of life energy, drawing admiring gazes from those that appreciate such things.

Healthy (Any)

The character rarely suffers from incidental toxins or sicknesses.

Enduring (Any)

The character draws favorable attention for being able to work for long periods without complaint.


Pallid (Female dwarves, male and female gnomes, and related half breeds only)

The character’s unhealthy appearance is a major turn-off.

Sickly (Any)

The character is almost always suffering from some minor ailment or other.

Lazy (Any)

The character finds it hard to work for very long without wanting to quit.

Intelligence Qualities


Scholarly (Any)

The character gives the appearance of being educated and erudite, even if untrue.

Problem Solver (Any)

The character finds that puzzles and riddles are possible to solve in very short time frames.

Good Memory (Any)

The character rarely forgets anything of consequence.


Ignorant (Any)

The character gives the impression of being a bumpkin, no matter how educated.

Easily Stumped (Any)

The character has an especially hard time with puzzles and riddles of all sorts.

Forgetful (Any)

The character tends to only remember the most important things.


Wisdom Qualities


Sage (Any)

The character comes off as especially wise, and is frequently asked for advice.

Perceptive (Any)

The character notices things in the material world quite often.

Empathic (Any)

The character finds it easy to read emotional and social situations.


Fool (Any)

The character’s advice is almost always ignored, because it sounds silly.

Absent-Minded (Any)

The character rarely notices things that are going on in the real world

Tactless (Any)

The character frequently misses social cues.

Charisma Qualities


Commanding/Inspiring (Any)

The character is listened to whenever orders are being given.

Interesting/Arresting (Any)

The character has some quality that makes it easy to draw the attention of others.

Poised/Attractive (Any)

The character is considered decent looking by most, even enough to mitigate some other visual flaws.

Impressive/Beautiful (Any)

The character is considered to be very nice to look at by the general consensus


Uninspiring (Any)

The character is not respected when attempting to take the lead.

Uninteresting (Any)

The character has no visual qualities that would trigger positive memories, though may cause negative ones.

Unappealing (Any)

The character is not much to look at.

Ugly (Any)

The character is generally shunned by polite society.