Blood & Iron Languages

Animal Languages:

Aerial Used by the Eagles, Owls, and Ravens. Makes heavy use of the A(ay), K, and A(ah) sounds.

Aquatic Used by the Squids. Makes heavy use of the Li(lih), I(ih), and Thi(thih) sounds.

Parsel Used by the Snakes, Gators, and Bulls. Makes heavy use of the Y(ya), Tar, and An sounds.

Predator Used by the Lizards, Bears, and Wolves. Makes heavy use of the Z, K and R(ur) sounds.

Scavenger Used by the Jackals, Hyenas, and Cats. Makes heavy use of the L, N, and I(ee) sounds.

Snicker Used by the Mice, Rats , and Weasels. Makes heavy use of the S, N, and I(ih) sounds.


Man Languages:

Dwarf Heavy Germanic style tongue, using some Nordic words. Naming practices are German (Hans, Dirk, Wolfgang, Ilsa, Jana, etc.)

Elf Greek with extra Qu, L, and Sh sounds. Naming practices are Greek.

Gnome Spanish and French composite. Naming practices are precious gems or metals in various languages.

Human Makes use of the full range of human vocabulary, effectively modern German. Uses a Verb-Noun conjunction for naming practices (Running Wolf, Grinning Stone, etc.)

Pan-Racial An Esperanto-like tongue using a composite of Human and Dwarf speech with vocabulary from Gnomish and some Elvish influence. Effectively English.

Slave A debased form of human mixed with many of the animal tongues. Slaves from different regions can make an Int check to understand other variants of the tongue, or the animal tongue that theirs is a variant of. Human speakers can make an Int check to understand Slave, as can Animal-tongue speakers of the same variety.


Other Languages:

Divinity A liturgical tongue that is a mixture of Elvish and Gnomish, effectively ancient Latin.

Draco-Ritual Draconic language with some Elvish influence.

Sylvan The language of the forest folk, a purer version of Elvish without Greek influence.

Greek Male Names

Abantes, Abas, Abascantus, Abderos, Aberkios, Ablerus, Abreas, Abronychus, Abydos, Acaeus, Acamus, Acessamenus, Acestes, Aclepiades, Acrisias, Acrisius, Acroneos, Actor, Adeimanthos, Adelphius, Admetos, Adrastos, Adrastus, Adrestus, Aeaces, Aegaeon, Aegicoros, Aegisthes, Aegon, Aeimnestos, Aenesidemos, Aeolus, Aeropus, Aeschreas, Aesculapius, Aesepus, Aeson, Aesop, Aetes, Aethon, Aetion, Aetios, Aetolos, Agamedes, Agamemnon, Agapenor, Agapias, Agastrophos, Agathocles, Agathon, Agelaus, Agenor, Agesilaus, Agetos, Agis, Agrias, Aiantes, Aias, Aigeus, Airopos, Aischylos, Akadios, Akamas, Aktis, Aktor, Alastor, Alcaeos, Alcandros, Alcides, Alcimos, Alcinous, Alcmaion, Alcman, Alcon, Alector, Alektryon, Aleuas, Alexandros, Alexarchos, Alexias, Alexis, Alexon, Alkamenos, Alkestis, Alketas, Alkibiades, Alkides, Alkimachos, Alkiphron, Alkmaion, Aloeus, Alphaeus, Alpheos, Alphesiboeus, Alphios, Altes, Alypius, Amarinceus, Ameinias, Ameinokles, Amiantos, Amompharetos, Amopaon, Amphiaraos, Amphidamos, Amphimachos, Amphimnestus, Amphinomous, Amphion, Amphios, Amphitrion, Amyntas, Amyntor, Amyris, Amythaon, Anabesineos, Anacharsis, Anakletos, Anakreon, Anastasios, Anaxagoras, Anaxandridas, Anaxandrides, Anaxandros, Anaxarchos, Anaxilaus, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Anaxis, Anaxos, Anchialus, Anchimolios, Anchises, Ancus, Andokides, Andraemon, Andreas, Androbulos, Androcles, Androdamos, Androgeus, Aneristos, Aniketos, Anisodoros, Antaeus, Antagoras, Antemion, Antenor, Anthemion, Antichares, Antidoros, Antigenes, Antigonos, Antikles, Antilochus, Antinous, Antiochus, Antipatris, Antipatros, Antiphales, Antiphones, Antiphus, Antisthenes, Anytos, Anytus, Apelles, Apellicon, Aphidnos, Apisaon, Apollodoros, Apollophanes, Apollos, Aratus, Arcas, Arcesilaus, Archagoras, Archelaos, Archeptolemus, Archesilaus, Archestratidas, Archilochus, Archytas, Arcidamus, Arcturus, Areilycus, Areisius, Areithous, Argades, Argaeus, Argos, Aridolis, Arion, Ariphron, Aristaeus, Aristagoras, Aristaios, Aristandros, Aristarchos, Aristarchus, Aristides, Aristion, Aristippus, Aristoboulos, Aristobulus, Aristocles, Aristocypros, Aristodemos, Aristogeiton, Aristomachos, Ariston, Aristonous, Aristonymos, Aristophanes, Aristophantes, Aristos, Aristotles, Aristoxenus, Arrabaios, Arridaios, Arsenios, Artemas, Artemidoros, Artemios, Artemisthenes, Arybbas, Asasthenes, Ascalaphus, Ascanius, Aschines, Asius, Asklepios, Asonides, Asopodoros, Asopus, Asphalion, Assaraeus, Astacos, Aster, Asterion, Asteropaeus, Astrabacus, Astyanax, Athamas, Athenades, Athenaeus, Athenion, Athenodorus, Atiphates, Atreus, Atrometos, Attaginas, Attaginos, Attalos, Atymnius, Atys, Audax, Augias, Auletes, Autesion, Autodikos, Autolycus, Autolykos, Automedon, Autonous, Axylus, Azeus

Bacchides, Bacchios, Bacchylides, Bacenor, Bacis, Baerius, Balius, Barates, Bardas, Basileides, Basileios, Basilides, Bathyaes, Belos, Bendis, Bianor, Bias, Bion, Bisaltes, Biton, Blathyllos, Boethus, Borus, Boter, Briareus, Briarus, Brison, Brygos, Bucoli, Bulis, Burrhus, Butacidas

Callimachus, Callimorphus, Carenos, Carneades, Carpophorus, Carpus, Casambus, Castor, Ceas, Cebriones, Celeas, Cephalos, Cepheus, Cephissos, Ceyx, Chabrias, Chaeremon, Chairophon, Chalcodon, Chalcon, Charax, Chares, Charidemos, Charilaus, Charillos, Charmides, Charon, Charopos, Cheiron, Chersis, Chileos, Chilon, Choerilos, Choeros, Chremes, Chremon, Chremonides, Chromis, Chromius, Chrysaor, Chryses, Chrysippos, Chrysogones, Chrysogonus, Chrysolorus, Cilix, Cineas, Cinyras, Cisses, Cisseus, Cleades, Cleandros, Cleathes, Cleisthenes, Cleobulus, Cleodaeos, Cleombrotos, Cleomenes, Cleon, Cleonicus, Cleonymus, Clinias, Clisthenes, Clonius, Clytius, Clytomedes, Cnoethos, Cobon, Codros, Coenus, Coeranus, Coes, Cois, Conon, Cöon, Copreus, Cordylion, Coronos, Corydallos, Corydon, Crathis, Cratinus, Cratippus, Cretheus, Crethon, Cretines, Crios, Croesus, Cronos, Cteatus, Ctesippus, Cuphagoras, Cyberniskos, Cycnus, Cylon, Cynaegiros, Cyncus, Cyneas, Cyniscus, Cypselos, Cyrenios, Cytorissos

Dadaces, Daedalos, Daetor, Damasippus, Damasithymos, Damasos, Damastor, Damian, Damianos, Damiskos, Damoetas, Damon, Danaos, Danaus, Daphis, Daphnis, Dardanus, Dares, Davos, Deinias, Deinokrates, Deinomenes, Deiotones, Deiphobus, Deiphonous, Deipylus, Demades, Demaratos, Demarmenos, Demas, Demeas, Demetrios, Democedes, Democoön, Demodocus, Demokrates, Demoleon, Demonax, Demonous, Demophlos, Demosthenes, Deon, Derkylos, Deukalion, Dexicos, Dexios, Diactorides, Diadromes, Diadumenus, Diagoras, Dicaeus, Dieneces, Diocles, Diodoros, Diodorus, Diokles, Diomedes, Dionysios, Dionysophanes, Dionysos, Diophantus, Diores, Dioscuros, Diotrephes, Dismas, Dithyrambos, Dmetor, Dolon, Dolops, Doreios, Doreius, Dorian, Doriskos, Doros, Dorotheus, Doryssos, Dosithios, Drimylos, Dromeus, Dryas, Dryops, Ducetius, Duris, Dymas, Dymnos

Echëeus, Echekrates, Echelaos, Echemmon, Echemus, Echephron, Echepolus, Echestratos, Eetion, Eioneus, Eirenaios, Elasus, Elatos, Elatreus, Eleon, Elephenor, Elpenor, Elpides, Elpidius, Empedocles, Endios, Endymion, Engenes, Eniopus, Ennaeus, Ennomus, Ennychus, Enops, Eos, Epaenetus, Epaphos, Epaphroditus, Epeigeus, Epeius, Ephialtes, Epicurus, Epicydes, Epikrates, Epimenes, Epiphanes, Epistor, Epistrophos, Epitrophos, Epizelos, Erasistratus, Eratosthenes, Eratostheres, Erechtheus, Eretmenus, Ereuthalion, Erginus, Ergiyios, Erichthonius, Erxandros, Eryalus, Erysichton, Eryx, Eryximachos, Eteocles, Eteokles, Eteonous, Euaemon, Eualcidas, Euanthes, Euarestos, Eubalus, Eubulus, Eucarpus, Euchenor, Eucleides, Eudorus, Eudoxsus, Eudoxus, Euenius, Euenor, Euenus, Eugammon, Eugenios, Eugenius, Euhemenis, Euippus, Eukles, Eumaeus, Eumastas, Eumelus, Eumenes, Eumneus, Eumolpus, Euneas, Euonomos, Eupalinus, Euphenes, Euphorbos, Euphorion, Euphronios, Eupolos, Euripides, Euryanax, Eurybates, Eurybiades, Eurycliedes, Eurydamus, Eurydemon, Eurydemos, Euryhus, Eurykrates, Eurykratides, Euryleon, Eurylochos, Eurymachos, Euryphon, Eurypylos, Eurystenes, Eurysthenes, Eurystheus, Eurysthios, Eurythion, Eurytos, Eussorus, Euthydemos, Euthynos, Eutropios, Eutuches, Eutychides, Eutychus, Evaenetos, Evagoras, Evandros, Evanetus, Evelthon, Evenios, Evenus, Evios, Exaduis, Exekias


Galenus, Gallus, Ganymedes, Gauanes, Geleon, Gelo, Gelon, Gennadios, Gerasimos, Giorgius, Glaukias, Glaukos, Glycon, Gnipho, Gordias, Gorgias, Gorgion, Gorgos, Gorgythion, Gregorius, Gryllus, Gurgos, Gylippos, Gyras, Gyrtias

Haemon, Hagias, Hagnon, Halisthertes, Halius, Harmatidas, Harmocydes, Harmodios, Harmon, Harpagos, Harpalion, Harpalos, Harpocras, Hecataeus, Hegesandros, Hegesistratos, Hegetoridas, Heirax, Heiron, Hektor, Helenos, Helgesippos, Helicaon, Heliodorus, Helios, Helle, Hephaestos, Herakleides, Herakleitos, Heraklides, Hermeias, Hermeros, Hermippos, Hermogenes, Hermolaos, Hermolycus, Hermon, Hermotimos, Hero, Herodes, Herodianus, Herodion, Heromenes, Hicetaon, Hiero, Hieronymus, Hipparchos, Hipparinos, Hippasus, Hippias, Hippocoön, Hippoklides, Hippokratides, Hippolytos, Hippomachos, Hippomenes, Hippon, Hipponax, Hipponicus, Hipponous, Hippotas, Hippothous, Hippotion, Hoiples, Homeros, Hyakinthos, Hylas, Hyllos, Hyllus, Hypatius, Hypeirochus, Hypenor, Hyperenor, Hyperion, Hypsenor, Hyrcanus, Hyrtacus, Hyrtius

Iakchos, Ialmenes, Iambulus, Iamus, Iasos, Iatragoras, Iatrokles, Ibanolis, Ibykos, Icarion, Icarius, Icarus, Idaeus, Idaios, Idas, Idomeneus, Ilioneus, Illyrius, Ilus, Imbrasus, Imbrius, Imbrus, Inachos, Inachus, Inaros, Iobates, Iolaos, Iollas, Ion, Iphiclus, Iphicrates, Iphikrates, Iphinous, Iphitos, Iphitus, Iros, Irus, Isagoras, Isandros, Ischenous, Isidor, Isidoros, Ision, Ismaros, Ismenios, Isocrates, Isodemos, Isokrates, Itheus, Itylus, Itys

Kadmos, Kaenas, Kaeneus, Kalchas, Kalesius, Kaletor, Kalliaros, Kallias, Kallikles, Kallikrates, Kallimachos, Kallinicus, Kallinos, Kallipides, Kallipos, Kallisthenes, Kallon, Kameirus, Kandaules, Kannadis, Kapaneus, Kapys, Karipos, Karopophores, Kasos, Kassandros, Kaunos, Kebalinos, Kebes, Kekrops, Keos, Kephalon, Kephalos, Kerameikos, Kerkyon, Keteus, Kimon, Kirphis, Kittos, Kleitos, Kleobis, Kleomenes, Koines, Koinos, Konon, Koragos, Korax, Kosmas, Krantor, Krateros, Kreon, Krinippos, Kristos, Kritias, Kritoboulos, Kritodemos, Kriton, Kroisos, Krokinos, Ktesiphon, Kyknos, Kynaegeiros, Kyrillos, Kyrios, Kyros

Labdacus, Labotas, Laertes, Lagos, Laios, Lamachos, Lampo, Lampon, Lampus, Lamus, Laodamas, Laodocus, Laogonus, Laomedon, Laphanes, Lasos, Lasthenes, Laureion, Leagros, Leandros, Learchos, Leicritus, Leitus, Lemnus, Leo, Leocedes, Leodes, Leon, Leonidas, Leonnatos, Leontiades, Leontis, Leoprepes, Leotychides, Lethos, Leucippus, Leukos, Lichas, Licymnios, Linus, Loxias, Lukos, Lycaon, Lycaretos, Lycidas, Lycomedes, Lycophon, Lycophron, Lycoris, Lycurgos, Lycus, Lydus, Lygdamis, Lykomedes, Lykon, Lynceus, Lysagoras, Lysandros, Lysanios, Lysias, Lysikles, Lysimachos, Lysippos, Lysippus, Lysis

Macar, Macarias, Machaon, Maeon, Maiandrios, Makarios, Maleos, Males, Mantes, Mantios, Marcion, Marnes, Maro, Maron, Marsyas, Mastor, Matullus, Mausolos, Mecistes, Mecistios, Medios, Medon, Medus, Megadates, Megakles, Megakreon, Megapenthes, Megareus, Megasthenes, Megathenes, Meges, Megistias, Meidias, Melampos, Melampus, Melanippos, Melanthios, Melanthos, Melas, Meleagros, Melegros, Meles, Meliboeus, Melicertes, Memnon, Menalcas, Menandros, Menares, Menekrates, Menelaos, Menestas, Menesthes, Menesthios, Menexinos, Menoeces, Menoitios, Mentes, Mentor, Meriones, Mermerus, Merops, Mesaulius, Mesthles, Methodios, Metiochus, Meton, Metrobius, Metron, Metrophanes, Meurius, Micythos, Midas, Midylos, Mikkos, Mikon, Milanion, Miltiades, Minos, Misenus, Mnasyllus, Mnesiphilos, Mnester, Mnesus, Moeris, Moliones, Molpagoras, Monoecus, Monomachus, Mopsius, Mopsus, Morsimus, Morys, Moschion, Mulius, Musaeus, Musaios, Mydon, Mygdon, Myrsinus, Myrto, Mys

Narkissos, Nastes, Naubolus, Naukles, Nausithous, Nauteus, Nearchos, Neleos, Nelpus, Neokles, Neoptolemos, Neritos, Nestor, Niarchos, Nicandros, Nicanor, Nicholas, Nicholaus, Nicias, Nicodromos, Nicolaus, Nicomachos, Nicon, Nikandros, Nikanor, Nikasios, Nikeratos, Nikias, Nikomachos, Nikomedes, Nilus, Nireus, Nisos, Noemon, Nomion, Nothon, Numa, Nyctinus, Nymphicus, Nymphodorus

Ocealus, Ochesius, Ochos, Ocytos, Odaenathus, Odius, Odysseus, Oeagnus, Oecleus, Oedipus, Oenemaus, Oeneus, Oenomaus, Oenopion, Oenops, Oicles, Oileas, Oliatos, Olus, Olympicus, Olympiodorus, Onamakritos, Onesilos, Onesimos, Onesiphorus, Onetas, Onetor, Onias, Onomastos, Ophelestes, Opites, Ops, Orcus, Orestes, Oresus, Orges, Oribasius, Orion, Orius, Oroites, Orpheus, Orsilochus, Orsiphantes, Orthaeus, Orythroneus, Otreus, Otrynteus, Otus

Paeëon, Paios, Palaechthon, Palaemon, Pallans, Pallas, Palmys, Pammon, Panaetios, Panaetius, Panares, Pandaros, Pandion, Panionos, Panites, Pankratios, Pantares, Panthous, Pantites, Paopeus, Paraebates, Paris, Parmenides, Parmenion, Parthenopaeus, Pasion, Pataicos, Patrobas, Patrobus, Patroclus, Patron, Pausanius, Pedaeus, Pedasus, Pedocles, Peirithous, Peiros, Peisandros, Peithon, Pelagon, Pelegon, Peleus, Pelias, Pelicles, Pelonus, Pelopidas, Peneleos, Peneus, Pentheus, Penthylos, Peolpidas, Perdikkas, Perdix, Periandros, Periclymenus, Perieeres, Perikles, Perimedes, Perimos, Periphas, Periphetes, Periscus, Peritas, Periumus, Peteos, Peukestes, Phaedo, Phaenippos, Phaeops, Phaestus, Phaidon, Phaidriades, Phalanthus, Phalces, Phalinos, Phanagoras, Phancis, Phanes, Phanias, Phantias, Pharnaces, Phausius, Phegeus, Pheidias, Pheidippides, Pheidon, Phemius, Phereclus, Pherecydes, Pheres, Pheronactus, Phidias, Phigaleios, Philagros, Philaon, Phileas, Philemon, Philetor, Philiskos, Philistos, Phillipos, Philocion, Philocrates, Philoctetes, Philocypros, Philoetius, Philogus, Philokles, Philokrates, Philolaos, Philologus, Philomen, Philomenes, Philometer, Philon, Philonikos, Philopoemon, Philostratos, Philostratus, Philotas, Philotectes, Philoxenos, Philpoemon, Phineus, Phintias, Phlaris, Phlegon, Phlios, Phoenix, Phoibus, Phoinix, Phoitios, Phokas, Phokion, Phorbas, Phorcys, Phormion, Phormos, Photius, Phrixus, Phrynichos, Phrynikos, Phrynon, Phylacus, Phylas, Pidytes, Pigres, Pinder, Pirithoos, Pisistratos, Pistias, Pittacos, Pittacus, Pittheus, Pixodarus, Plades, Pleistarchos, Pleistos, Plutarch, Podaeleirus, Podaleirus, Podalinus, Podarces, Podargos, Podaroes, Podes, Poeas, Poecas, Poimen, Polemion, Poliadas, Pollio, Polyas, Polybius, Polyctor, Polydectes, Polydeuces, Polydius, Polydoros, Polyeides, Polygonus, Polykleitos, Polykles, Polykritos, Polymedes, Polyneices, Polypemon, Polyperchon, Polyphemous, Polyphetes, Polyphontes, Polypoetes, Polyxeinus, Ponteus, Porphyrios, Porphyrius, Poseidon, Posides, Posidonios, Potamon, Pratinos, Praxilaus, Praxis, Praxiteles, Praxites, Prexinos, Priam, Prinetadas, Priskos, Procrustes, Proctus, Proetus, Prokles, Prokopios, Prokrustes, Proreus, Protagoras, Protesilaus, Prothoenor, Prothous, Protogenes, Protus, Proxenos, Prymneus, Prytanis, Ptolemaios, Ptolomaeus, Pylades, Pylaemenes, Pylaeus, Pylartes, Pylas, Pylenor, Pyris, Pyrrhus, Pythagoras, Pytheas, Pythes, Pythios, Pythogenes

Radamanthos, Rhadamanthos, Rhesus, Rhexenor, Ribes, Rizon

Sabas, Sabyllos, Salmoneus, Sarpedon, Satyros, Scaios, Scamandius, Scamandrius, Schedius, Scylax, Scyllias, Scythas, Sebastos, Seisames, Selagus, Seldomus, Selepos, Seleukos, Sicinnos, Siculus, Silanos, Silenos, Simmias, Simo, Simoisius, Simonides, Sinis, Sinon, Sippas, Siromos, Sisyphus, Skiron, Smindyrides, Smintheus, Socus, Sophanes, Sophokles, Soranus, Sosibios, Sosicles, Sosigines, Sosilus, Sosimenes, Sosipatros, Sosthenes, Sostias, Sostratos, Spertias, Speudon, Speusippos, Spinther, Spirodion, Stachys, Stentor, Stesagoras, Stesanor, Stesilaus, Sthenelaus, Sthenelus, Stichius, Stolos, Strabo, Strachys, Stratios, Straton, Strophantes, Strophius, Strymon, Syagros, Syennesis, Syloson, Synesius

Talaemenes, Talaos, Talaus, Talos, Talthybios, Tarchon, Taureas, Tebaeus, Tecton, Teiresias, Telamon, Telekles, Telemacho, Telemachos, Telemachus, Telephos, Telephus, Telesinus, Telesphorus, Telines, Tellias, Tellis, Telys, Temenos, Tenes, Tenes, Tenthredon, Tereus, Terillos, Teucer, Teukros, Teutamos, Teuthranes, Teuthras, Thales, Thalpius, Thalysios, Tharybis, Thaulos, Thaumastus, Theagenes, Theages, Theas, Theasides, Themistius, Theoclymnius, Theocydes, Theodekles, Theodoros, Theodotus, Theognis, Theomestor, Theomestros, Theophanes, Theophrastos, Theophrastus, Theophylaktos, Theopompos, Theopompus, Theopropides, Theoros, Theos, Theramenes, Therapon, Theras, Thero, Theron, Thersandros, Therseandros, Thersilochus, Thersites, Thessalos, Thestor, Thettalos, Thoas, Thon, Thoön, Thorax, Thrasidaios, Thrasilaus, Thrasius, Thrasybulos, Thrasyllus, Thrasymedes, Threspotus, Thukydides, Thyestes, Thymoetes, Thymotes, Thyrsis, Thyrsos, Timagenidas, Timagoras, Timais, Timanthes, Timasion, Timasitheus, Timesithius, Timnes, Timoleon, Timon, Timonax, Timotheus, Timoxenos, Tiro, Tirynthius, Tisamenos, Tisandros, Tisias, Tithonius, Titormos, Tityrus, Tlepolemus, Tmolus, Trechus, Triopas, Triptolemus, Triton, Troezenus, Trophimus, Trophnus, Tros, Trypho, Turrianus, Tychaeus, Tydeides, Tydeus, Tymnes, Tyndareus, Tyndarios



Xanthippos, Xanthippus, Xanthos, Xenagoras, Xenokrates, Xenophanes, Xenophon, Xiphilinus, Xuthos, Xuthus

Zagreus, Zamolxis, Zenicetes, Zenodoros, Zephyrinus, Zethus, Zeuxidamos, Zeuxis, Zosimus


Greek Female Names

Achaia, Achradina, Actaëe, Actë, Ada, Adeia, Aedon, Aegiolea, Aegle, Aerope, Aethre, Agamede, Aganippe, Agape, Agapia, Agarista, Agathé, Agathonice, Agave, Aglaia, Aglaurus, Aikaterine, Aithra, Aketa, Alcandre, Alcestis, Alcippe, Alcmene, Alcyone, Alemene, Alkmena, Althaea, Althaia, Althea, Amarhyllis, Amathea, Amatheia, Amphithoe, Amphitrite, Ampinomene, Amplias, Anais, Anastasia, Andromeda, Antehe, Anteia, Antheia, Anthousa, Anthusa, Anticleia, Antigone, Antiochis, Antiope, Anysia, Appollonia, Apseudes, Arete, Arethusa, Argeia, Ariadne, Arisbe, Aristonike, Aristophane, Arsinoe, Artemidora, Artemisia, Aspasia, Astera, Astyoche, Astyocheia, Atalanta, Atë, Athis, Auge, Augo, Autonoe, Auxesia, Axiothea

Barbara, Basiane, Baucis, Berenike, Bito, Briseis

Caenis, Caleope, Callianeira, Callianessa, Calliphana, Calypso, Canace, Castianiera, Charis, Chione, Chiore, Chloë, Chloris, Chryse, Chryseis, Chrysothemis, Cilissa, Cilla, Circe, Clio, Clymene, Clymere, Colubra, Corythia, Cratais, Creusa, Crisa, Ctimene, Cybele, Cydippe, Cymodoce, Cymothoe, Cyrene, Cythereia, Cytheris

Damaris, Damia, Danaë, Deianeira, Deineira, Deiphobe, Deipyle, Delias, Demetria, Demophile, Dexamene, Dianeme, Diomede, Dione, Dirce, Doris, Dorothea, Doto, Drosis, Dynamene

Egeria, Egina, Eidothee, Eileithyia, Elcmene, Electra, Elpir, Endeis, Enyo, Eos, Epicaste, Eriboea, Erigone, Eriopis, Eriphyle, Eris, Eucarpia, Eudokia, Eunice, Euodias, Euphro, Euphrosyne, Europa, Eurycleia, Eurydike, Eurynome, Evadne

Galatea, Glauce, Glyke, Gorgo, Gygaea

Haidee, Halie, Harmodias, Harmonia, Hecuba, Hekabe, Hekaline, Hekate, Helice, Helike, Heliodora, Hellanike, Helle, Hermine, Hermione, Hero, Herophile, Hesione, Hilaera, Hippodameia, Hippodamia, Hippolyta, Hypsipyle, Hyrmina

Iaera, Ianeira, Ianessa, Ianthe, Ino, Iola, Iolanthe, Iole, Iomene, Ione, Iphianassa, Iphigenia, Iphimedeia, Iphis, Iphitheme, Irene, Iris, Isadora, Ismene, Issa


Kallisto, Kallixeina, Kassandra, Katana, Katina, Kephissa, Kharmion, Khlöe, Khloris, Kleio, Kleopatra, Klymene, Klytemnestra, Koré, Koritto, Kydilla, Kynna, Kynthia, Kypris, Kyra

Labda, Lais, Lalage, Lampetie, Lampito, Lanike, Laodameia, Laodamia, Laodice, Laothoe, Lasthena, Latona, Leda, Lede, Leto, Leucothea, Leucothoë, Limnoreia, Lois, Lyra

Maeonia, Maera, Maia, Maiandria, Marpessa, Medea, Medesicaste, Megaera, Megara, Megare, Melanie, Melantho, Melissa, Melita, Melite, Menelaia, Merope, Metis, Metriche, Milo, Milto, Molpadia, Monima, Monime, Mykale, Myrine

Nausicaa, Neaera, Nemerte, Nephele, Nesaea, Nicopolis, Nikaia, Nikasepolis, Niko, Niobe, Nysa

Oenone, Oitane, Olympias, Omphale, Oreithuia, Oreithyia, Orithyia, Orthia, Otonia

Pales, Panope, Panora, Parthenia, Parthenope, Pasiphae, Pelopia, Penelope, Penthesilea, Percalus, Perialla, Periboea, Pero, Perse, Persephone, Persis, Pervica, Pervinca, Phaedra, Phaedre, Phaethusa, Phaia, Pherenike, Pherusa, Phigaleia, Philea, Philinna, Philomache, Philomela, Philona, Phoebe, Phryne, Phylace, Phylia, Phyllis, Phylo, Phylomedusa, Podarge, Polycaste, Polydamna, Polydora, Polymede, Polyxena, Procne, Procris, Prone, Proto, Protogonia, Psamathe, Psyche, Pylia, Pyrrha, Pythias

Raisa, Rhea, Rhene, Rhoda, Rhode, Rhodope, Roxane

Sappho, Scylla, Sebasteia, Semele, Sophia, Sotera, Speio, Stheneboea, Stratonice

Tecmessa, Telephassa, Thais, Thalassa, Thaleia, Theano, Thebe, Thelma, Themis, Theodotis, Theophane, Theophania, Theophano, Theresa, Thessala, Thessalonike, Thetis, Thisbe, Thoë, Thoösa, Thyia, Timandra, Timo, Tryphena, Tryphosa, Tyro

Xanthe, Xanthippe, Xantippe, Xene, Xenophile

Zenobia, Zita, Zoe



Norse Male Names

Abi, Adalbrikt, noble+bright, Adalradr, noble+advice, Adalstein, noble+stone, Adils, Aegir, Aevar, Aflaeg, Agder, Agdir, Agger, Aghi, ag, awe/fear or edge/point, Agmund, Agmundr, Agnarr, Agne, Ake, Aki, OG, Anicho, ano, ancestor, Alaf, Aleifr, Ailaifr, Alfaster, Alfgautr, Algot, Algut, elf+Goth, Alfgeir, Alfgeirr, Alfger, elf+spear, Alfr, Alf, elf, Alfrim, Alfwald, elf+rule, Ali, Alkai, Alphege, Alrik, Alvis, Amund, Amunde, Amundi, ag, awe, fear or edge, point+portector, An, Anakol, Andvett, Ansgar, Anulo, Anund, Anundr, Anurend, Api, Aram, Ardgar, Arlogh, Armod, Arnbjørn, Arinbjorn, Arunbjorn, eagle+bear, Arne, Arni, Arn, Are, Ari, eagle, Arnfinn, Arnfinnr, eagle+Finn, Arngeir, eagle+spear, Arngrim, Eagle+fierce, Arnkel, Arnkell, Arnketil, Arkil, Eagle+cauldron, Arnlaug, Arnlaugr, eagle+consecrated, Arnljot, Arnsten, eagle+stone, Arnthorr, Arnor, Arndor, Andor, eagle+Thor, Arnulf, eagle+wolf, Arnvid, Arnwidr, eagle+tree/wood, Arva, Arwid, Asbiorn, Asbjorn, Abjørn, god+bear, Asbrand, God+flaming, sword, Asfrith, God+peace, Asgaut, Asgautr, God+Goth, Asgeir, Asgeirr, Asger, god+spear, Asgrim, God+fierce, Asi, Aesi, Esa, Esi, God, Asketill, Askel, Askell, Ask, Eskil, God+cauldron, Aslak, Asmund, Asmundr, god+protection, Asolf, God+wolf, Assar, Asser, Assur, Asuert, Asvald, Asvard, Aswarth, God+guard, Aswith, Athulf, Atle, Atli, Atzer, Audbjorn, Audfinnr, Audgisli, Audi, noble, Audolf, Audulfr, Audun, Aun, Auun, Avarr, Awair, Azer, Azur

Baegseg, Bagsecg, A, berserker, Baggi, Bakki, Bakr, Baldr, Baldur, bold/strong, (prnce, ruler), Baldvini, OG, bold+friend, Balki, Balle, Balli, Banke, Bard, Baard, Bardi, Bardr, Baug, Beinir, Beiti, Bekki, Belgr, Beli, Benesing, Bentein, Bergfinn, Bergljotur, Bergthor, Berse, Bersi, Biari, Bildr, Bili, Birghir, Byrghir, Birger, Borg, Borgar, Bork, Borkr, Byrghe, Byrie, biarga to help, Birning, Bjalfi, Bjarking, Bjarnar, Bjarni, Bjartmar, Bjorgolf, Fortification+wolf, Bjorn, Biorn, Bern, Berner, Bear, Bjornolf, Bironulf, bear+wolf, Blaeingr, Blann, Blesi, Bligr, Bodvar, Bodvarr, Bødvar, Bolle, Bolli, Bolverk, Borolf, Bosi, Botolf, Botulfr, Blotulffr, Bettering+wolf, Bragi, Brand, Breidr, Broddi, Broddr, Brodir, Brother, Brondolf, Brotulfr, Brother+wolf, Bruni, Brown, Brusa, Bruse, Brusi, Bryndolf, Brynjolf, Brynju, Brynjulffr, Brynolff, Bue, Bui, bua, to, live/dwell, Bugge, Bundi, Buti, Butr, Butti

Dag, Dagr, day, Dagfinn, day+Finn, Didrik, OG, Theodoric, people+power, Dolgfinnr, Domalde, Domarr, Dote, Dunfjall, Durin, Dusi, Dyggve, Dyri

Edgierr, Egil, edge/point, Eid, Eilaf, Elof, always or alone+lafr, heir/descendant, Eileifr, Eilif, Eilifr, Elf, Elif, ei, always or einne, alone/one+lifr, alive, Einar, Ejnar, one/alone+army, Eindride, Eindridi, Endridi, Einraedi, Eirik, Erik, always or alone+ruler, Ekbert, Edge+bright, Eldgrim, Ellingr, Emmerik, Engelbrekt, OG, Angle+bright, Eowils, Erengisl, Erland, Erlend, orlendr, stranger/foreigner, Erling, Yrling, Ernmund, Eagle+protection, Esgar, God+spear, Eydis, Eyiolfr, Eyjolf, Anja, luck/gift+wolf, Eymundr, Emund, Eyrar, Eystein, Eysteinn, Eyvald, Eyvind, Eyvindr, Evynd

Faraldr, Farle, Farmann, Traveller, Faste, Festi, Faxi, Mane, Fili, Finnbogi, Finnleik, Finnulf, Finn+wold, Finnur, Finn, A, Finn, Finnvid, Finn+tree/wood, Fleinn, Flic, Floki, Flosi, Fogl, Ger, bird, Folke, Folki, People/tribe, Folkvardr, People+guard, Folkvid, People+tree, Forne, Forni, Fornjot, Fotr, Fraena, Franna, Frakki, Fredi, Peace, Freysteinn, Frey+stone, Freyvid, Frey+tree, Fridgeir, Peace+spear, Fridleifr, Peace+heir/descendant, Fridmund, Peace+protection, Frithi, Fraethi, Frithugist, Frode, Frodi, Frodr, knowing/learned, Frosten, Frosti, Fyrkat

Gaddr, Gaedar, Gaetir, Gagni, Galli, Galti, Gamal, Gamall, Gamel, Gamli, Old, Gardar, Gardi, Gauk, Gaukr, Goukr, Gaut, Gauti, Gouti, A, Goth, Gautvid, Goth+wood, Geir, spear, Geirfinn, Spear+Finn, Geirleif, Gerleff, Spear+descendant, Geirmund, Germund, spear+protection, Geirstein, Spear+stone, Geirulfr, Geirolf, Spear+wolf, Geiti, Geitir, Gelli, Gellir, Gerske, Gert, Enclosure, Gest, Giertjof, Gikel, Gilli, Gisli, Gismund, Hostage/pledge, +protection, Gissur, Gizur, Gjuki, Gladr, Glam, Glum, Gnorre, Gnupa, Godefred, Godfred, Guthfrith, OG, god or good+peace, Godrod, Goff, Gor, Gorm, Goslar, Gram, Grani, Grein, Grettir, Grimaldi, Grimalf, Fierce+elf, Grimar, Grimr, Grim, Fierce, Grimkel, Grimkell, Fierce+cauldron, Grimolf, Fierce+wolf, Grip, Gripr, Gris, Grjotgard, Groafeld, Gryffi, Gudberd, Gudbrand, Gudrand, Gudbrod, Gudkell, God+cauldron, Gudlaug, Gudlaugr, God+consecrated, Gudleif, God+descendant, Gudleik, Gudleikr, Gudmund, Gudmundr, God+protection, Gudrik, God+power, Gudrod, Gudrodr, Gudrød, Gundvast, Gungnir, Gunnar, Gunni, Strife, Gunnbjorn, Strife+bear, Gunnfrodr, Strife+knowing, Gunnlaug, Strife+consecrated, Gunnolfr, Gunnulf, Gunulf, Strife+wolf, Gunnstein, Strife+stone, Gunnvardr, Strife+guard, Guthlac, Guthred, Guttorm, Guttormr, Guthorm, Gydur, Gyrd, Gyrdh, Gyrth, OE, gyth, strife, Gyriar

Haarek, Hadd, Haddr, Haemgisl, Haeng, Haeringr, Haesten, Haf, Hafr, Havvar, Sea, Hafgrim, Sea+fierce, Haflidi, Sea+traveller, Hafthi, Sea, Hagall, Hagbard, Hagbardr, Haisl, Hake, Haki, Hagi, Hakr, Hauk, Haukr, Hakon, Haakon, Ha, horse or high+konr, son, Haland, Halland, Rock+land, Haldor, Halldor, Rock+Thor, Hall, Halli, Hallr, rock, Hallfred, Rock+peace, Hallgeir, Rock+spear, Hallgrim, Rock+fierce, Hallkel, Rock+cauldron, Hallmund, Rock+protector, Hallstein, Rock+stone, Hallvard, Halvardr, Rock+guard, Halvdan, Halfdan, Haldan, Helfdan, Half, Dane, Hamall, Hamr, shape, Hamund, Shape+protection, Harald, Harivald, Army+ruler, Hardbein, Harthaknut, Hardicanute, Harek, Hariso, Haro, Hastein, Hasvir, Havard, Havardr, Havarr, Hervardr, Horse or high+guard, Havgrímur, Havlock, Hedin, Heðinn, Hegg, Heggr, Heidar, Heimdall, Heimir, Heinrek, Heiti, Hekja, Helge, Helgi, Heilagr, prosperous, later, holy, Heming, Hemingr, Hemming, Shape, Her, Army, Hergeirr, Army+spear, Herimann, Army+man, Heriold, Army+old, Heriolf, Herjolf, Herulf, Army+wolf, Herlaug, Army+consecrated, Herlef, Herleif, Herlugh, Army+descendant, Hermund, Army+protection, Heroth, Herrodr, Herstein, Army+stone, Hialmi, Hiarni, Hildiger, Battle+spear, Hildiglum, Hildir, Battle, Hildulf, Battle+wolf, Hjalkar, Hjalmar, Hjlamr, helmet, Hjalti, Hjarrandi, Hjor, Hjort, Hiortr, Hjorr, sword, Hjorleif, Hiorleifr, Sword+descendant, Hjorvardr, Sword+guard, Hlenni, Hlifolf, Lifolf, Defence+wolf, Hlodvir, Hldver, Hnaef, Hnef, Hanef, Hnaki, Hoðbroddr, Hoder, Hofn, Hogne, Hogni, Holdbodi, Holger, Hogar, Island+spear, Holmfast, Holvast, Holmgaut, Island+Goth, Holmgeir, Holmger, Island+spear, Holmstein, Island+stone, Holti, Hord, Hjord, sword, Horic, Horik, Horkuldr, Horni, Horsa, Hoskuld, Hoskuldr, Hosvi, Hosvir, Hradi, Hrafn, Rafn, Raven, Hrafnkel, Raven+cauldron, Hran, Hrane, Hrani, Hrapp, Hrappr, Hreidar, Hreider, Hrein, Hrifla, Hring, Hringr, Hroald, Hroaldr, Fame+ruler, Hrodgeir, Roar, Fame+spear, Hrodni, Hrodulfr, Hrodwulfr, Hrokr, Hrolf, Hrolfr, Fame+wolf, Hrollaug, Fame+consecrated, Hromund, Hromundr, Fame+protection, Hrorekr, Hraerek, Rørek, Rorik, Fame+power, Hrossbjorn, Horse+bear, Hrosskel, Horse+cauldron, Hrunbogi, Hrut, Hryggr, Hrymr, Hubba, Hugin, Hund, Hundi, dog, Hundolfr, Dog+wolf, Hunketill, Hun, warrior/bearcub+cauldron, Hunrodr

Iarund, Illugi, Inge, Ingi, Ing, fertility, god, Ingemar, Ingimar, Ing+fame, Ingimund, Ingimundr, Ingmund, Ing+protection, Ingjald, Ingialdr, Ing+old, Inglofr, Ingulfr, Ingolf, Ing+wolf, Inguar, Ingvar, Ingvarr, Ingwar, Hinguar, Yngvar, Yngvarr, Ing+warrior, Iofurr, Iokell, Iolfr, Ioli, Iorekr, Iorundr, Iri, Isi, Isleif, Isleifr, Isolfr, Iulfr, Ivak, Ivar, Ivarr, Iwar, Yr, yew/bow+herr, army/warrior

Jamsgar, Jango, Jarl, Jarlabanke, Jatgeir, Joalf, Joar, Johar, Jobjørn, Jomar, Jønis, Jorund

Kadal, Kaerir, Kaeti, Kalf, Kalfr, Kalv, Kali, Kari, Karr, Curly-haired, Karl, Karle, Karli, Karlsefni, Karulfr, Kati, Katr, Keikr, Ketilbiorn, Ketilbjørn, Cauldron+bear, Ketilgrimr, Cauldron+fierce, Ketill, Kelli, Keti, Ketil, Sacrificial, cauldron, Ketilmund, Cauldron+protection, Ketilvast, Kiallakr, Kilvert, Kjartan, Kjarval, Kjölbye, Kjotvi, Klakkr, Kleppr, Knud, Knut, Knutr, Cnut, Canute, Knot, Kodran, Kokul, Kolan, Kolbein, Kolbeinn, Kolbjørn, Kolfastr, Kolfr, Koli, Kolr, Kol, Kolskegg, Konal, Konofogur, Kori, Kormak, Kormakr, Kotkel, Krabbi, Kragge, Kraka, Kraki, Krakr, Kran, Kristrod, Krodo, Kupsi, Copsi

Laef, Lambi, Langlif, Lauur, Leidolf, Leif, Leifr, Heir/descendant, Leiknen, Leikr, Leistr, Leivur, Lifsten, Ljot, Lutr, Ljotolf, Loarr, Loden, Lodin, Lodmund, Logi, Logmann, Lopt, Lothen, Lulach, Luloecen, Lyting

Maans, Magni, Magnus, Mak, Makglave, Mallymkun, Malti, Mani, Manne, Manni, Mar, Margad, Marki, Melsnati, Midiungr, Miklof, Moddan, Modolf, Modolfr, Mind+wolf, Modsognir, Mord, Mordr, Modor, Modi, Modr, mind/courage, Mthir, Mugi, Mugin, Munan, Mundi, Myrkjartan

Naddod, Naddodd, Nafena, Nafni, Nannulf, Nanþ, daring+wolf, Nari, Nate, Nefstein, Nessi, Njal, Nokkvi, Nor, Nordmadr, Notger, Notker, Need+spear

Odd, Oddi, Oddr, point, (of, a, weapon), Oddleif, Odinkar, Odkell, Point+cauldron, Ødvast, Odward, Ofeig, Ófeigr, Offe, Øgmund, Øgot, Ohthere, Ohtor, Olaf, Olav, Oleif, Olof, Ola, Olle, Anu, ancestor+heir, Olrik, Ølve, Olvir, Omar, Onäm, Ondott, Ongul, Onund, Ønundr, Öpir, Ordulf, Orgunleidi, Orlyg, Orm, Ormarr, Ormr, Orn, Ornr, Ornolf, Ørnulf, Oscytell, Otkell, God+cauldron, Osferth, Ospak, Øssur, Osten, Osulf, Osvif, Othen, Othi, Otrygg, Ottar, Otir, Otti, Oyvind, Ozur, Ozurr

Pallig, Palling, Palne, Peningr

Radbard, Ragi, Wraghi, Ragnar, Ragni, Regin, Regner, Reyni, Regin, advice/decision, Ragnfast, Randulf, Randi, Rand, rim/edge, (of, a, shield)+wolf, Randver, Raud, Raudr, Ref, Refr, Reginulfr, Advice+wolf, Riggall, Ric, power, Rimbert, Ring, Ringerike, Rodfos, Roginfred, Advice+peace, Rognval, Rognvald, Røgnvald, Ragnall, Raegnald, Advice+ruler, Rollo, Runi, Secret, lore, Runolf, Runolfr, Secret, lore+wolf

Saebjorn, Saefari, Saemund, Sali, Salmund, Salmundr, Salte, Sam, Samr, Sandr, Saxe, Saxi, Saxulf, Scandlain, Scula, Serk, Sibba, Sidroc, Sigbjorn, Sigbiorn, Victory+bear, Sigefred, Sicfrith, Sigeferth, Victory+peace, Sigfast, Sigfus, Victory+Sigulf, Sigwulf, Sigolfr, Sighulf, Victory+wolf, Sighvat, Victory+Sigmund, Victory+protection, Sigsteinn, Victory+stone, Sigtrygg, Victory+true/trusty, Sigurd, Sirurd, Sigrod, Siggi, Victory+vordr, guardian, Sigvald, Sigvaldi, Victory+ruler, Sindri, Singasven, Sirgadd, Sistryg, Sivid, Siward, Skakli, Skalti, Skamkel, Skapti, Skar, Skardi, Skarf, Skarphedin, Skeggi, Skial, Skidi, Skioldung, Skirnir, Skirr, Skjalg, Skjøld, Skjoldorf, Skopti, Skorri, Skrapi, Skrapr, Skroppa, Skrymir, Skuf, Skule, Skuli, Skumollfi, Skuti, Snaebjorn, Snow, bear, Snaekol, Snaekolf, Snae-Ulf, Snow, wolg, Snaer, Sniallr, Snorre, Snorri, Snortr, Sokni, Solmund, Solsiskar, Sølve, Solvi, Sondulfr, Sorkvir, Sorli, Sorr, Soti, Soxulfr, Spiallbudi, Stari, Starkad, Starri, Steig, Steinbjorn, Stone+bear, Steingrim, Stone+fierce, Steinkel, Stenkil, Stone+cauldron, Steinn, Stein, Steinar, Stone, Steinolf, Stone+wolf, Steinthor, Stone+Thor, Steinvor, Stone+cautious, Stigandr, Stigandi, Wanderer, Storí, Sture, to, be, self-willed, Storolf, Sturla, Stuv, Styr, Styrr, Styrbjørn, Styrkaar, Styrkar, Styrkarr, Styrmirr, Suaerkuir, Sudberdur, Sudreyar, Suidger, Sumarlidr, Sumarlidi, Summarliethi, Sumarr, Summer, traveller, Sune, Suni, Surt, Svadi, Svafar, Svafi, Svan, Svart, Svartlingr, Sveidi, Svein, Sven, Svend, Sveinn, boy/lad, Sveinbjorn, Boy+bear, Sverre, Sverrir, To, spin/swirl, about, Sverting, Swegen, Syr

Tandri, Teit, Teitr, Thambarsk, Thangbrand, Therir, Thialfi, Thidrandi, Thidranki, Thidrik, Thilfr, Thiodulfr, Thjodolf, Thjostar, Thjostolf, Thjostólfr, Thond, Thoralf, Thor+elf, Thorarin, Thor+Thorberg, Thor+fortification, Thorbjorn, Thorbjørn, Thor+bear, Thorbrand, Thor+Thord, Thordar, Thored, Torrad, Thor+Thorfast, Thurfastr, Thor+Thorfinn, Torfi, Thor+Finn, Thorfredr, Thurferth, Thurid, Thor+peace, Thorgaut, Thor+Goth, Thorgeif, Thor+Thorgeir, Thorgeirr, Thurgar, Thor+spear, Thorgest, Thor+Thorgil, Thorgils, Thorgisl, Thurgils, Thurgeis, Turgeis, Thor+pledge, Thorgrim, Thor+fierce, Thorhall, Thorhallur, Thor+rock, Thorir, Thore, Thori, Thorri, Ture, Thor+verr, man, Thorkel, Thorkeld, Thorkell, Thorketill, Thorketl, Thurkil, Torkell, Thor+cauldron, Thorlac, Thorlak, Thurlak, Thor+Thorleifr, Thor+descendant, Thorleik, Thor+Thormod, Tormod, Thor+mind/courage, Thorn, Thor+Thororm, Thor+Thorstein, Torstein, Torsten, Thor+stone, Thorulf, Thorulffr, Thorolf, Thor+wolf, Thorvald, Thorwald, Thor+rule, Thorvid, Thor+wood/tree, Thostar, Thrain, Thrand, Thrandr, Thrond, Throst, Thrydrikr, Thrykki, Thyrne, Tindr, Tjodolv, Tjorvi, Tofi, Tufi, Toglos, Toke, Toki, Tola, Toli, Topi, Tupi, Toraldr, Torold, Taraldr, Toste, Tosti, Tostig, Trandil, Trelle, Trondelag, Tronde, From, Trondelag, Norway, Trygg, Tryggvi, Trygves, Tryggr, true/trusty, Tufkal, Tumi, Tuscar, Tyrkir

Ubba, Ubbi, Ukyrni, Ulf, Ulfr, Ulffr, Ulfar, Ufi, wolf, Ulfhaugr, Ulfkell, Ulfketel, Ulfketill, Ulfkil, Wolf+cauldron, Ulfljot, Uni, Urm

Vaerdalen, Vagn, Valbrand, Valgard, Vali, Valr, Valthjof, Vandil, Vandrad, Var, Vebjorn, Vebrand, Vedmundr, Vegeir, Veleif, Verland, Vermund, Vert, Vestein, Vésteinn, Vestgeir, Vestar, Vestnor, Vestuidi, Veturlidi, Vidfari, Vidkun, Vidkunn, Wide+wise, Vifil, Vifill, Vig, War, Vigbjord, Vigibjord, Vigfus, Vigleikr, Vigmundr, War+protection, Vigot, Vigrid, Vikar, Vikingr, Viljalmr, Vili, OG, home+helmet, Vinandr, Vindr

Waels, Walram, Willibald, OG, will/desire+bold

Yaroslav, Jaroslav



Norse Female Names

Aesa, Aese, Asa, Ása, Ase, Goddess, Agnis, Aldis, Alfdis, elf or old+goddess, Alfgifu, Elfgifu., Alfifa, Alfhildr, Alvild, Alfeid, elf+battle, Alof, Arnbjorg, eagle+fort, Arnfrid, Eagle+peace, Arngunn, Eagle+strife, Arnkatla, Eagle+cauldron, Arnora, Erna, Eagle, Arnthrud, Arnthrudr, Eagle+strength, Asdis, Áss, god+dis, goddess, Asfrid, God+peace, Asgard, Asgerd, Ásgerd, God+enclosure, (home, of, the, gods), Aslaug, god+consecrated, Asleif, God+descendant, Asny, God+new, Asta, Love, Astrid, Astridr, Estrid, Estrith, god+fridr, fair, Asvoor, Aud, Audbjorg, Audhild, Aundur

Baugeid, Bera, Bergljot, Bergthora, Besje, Bjadmunja, Bjadmynja, Bjartney, Bjorg, Biorg, fortification, Borghild, fort+battle, Bothild, Bóthild, Botilda, Boðvildr, bettering/remedy/compensation+battle

Dageid, Dagna, Dagne, Dagny, day+new, Dalla, Disa, goddess, Dota, Dotta, Driva, Drott, Dyna

Edit, OG, riches+strife, Edla, Ellisif, Elli, Ermingard, Ermingerd, OG, entire+Eyfura

Fastvi, Frakokk, Freya, Freyja, Goddess, of, love, (frowa, woman), Freydis, Frey+goddess, Freygerd, Frey+Gerd, Frida, Peace, Frideburg, Peace+fortification, Fridgerd, Peace+enclosure, Frigga, Fylgja

Geira, Geyra, Spear, Geirlaug, Spear+consecrated, Gerd, A, goddess, (gardr, enclosure), Gerlød, Gillaug, Ginnlaug, Gjaflaug, Goda, God, Goi, Gorm, Gum, Gøthid, Gragas, Grelauga, Grelud, Grima, Fierce, Grimhild, Fierce+battle, Groa, To, grow or Celtic, gruach, woman, Gudbjorg, God+fortification, Gudfinna, God+Finn, Gudfrid, Gudrid, God+peace, Gudny, God+new, Gudrun, God+secret, law, Gullaug, God+consecrated, Gulli, God, Gunnborg, Strife+fortificatio, Gunnhild, Gunhild, Gunnhildr, Strife+battle, Gunnlaug, Strife+consecrated, Gunnor, Gunnvor, Strife+cautious, Gurith, Gurney, Gyda, Gyrd, Gyrid, Gytha, OE, gyth, strife

Halla, Hallr, rock, Hallbera, Hallberta, Rock+bright, Halldis, Rock+goddess, Halldora, Rock+Thor, Hallfrid, Rock+peace, Hallgerd, Rock+enclousre, Hallgrim, Rock+fierce, Hallkatla, Rock+Hallveig, Rock+war, Hedinfrid, Hedvig, Helga, Helge, Prosperous, blessed, Herbjorg, Herborga, Army+fortification, Hervor, Army+cautious, Hetha, Hialp, Hildigunn, Hildigunnr, Hidegunr, Battle+strife, Hildirid, Battle+fair, Hildr, Hild, Battle, Hin, Hjördis, Herdis, Sword+goddess, Hlif, Liv, Defence, Hlodyn, Holmfrid, Holmfried, Island+peace, Hosvi, Hrafnhild, Rauenilde, Ravenild, Raven+battle, Hrefna, Raven, Hrodny, Fame+new, Hugi, OG, heart/mind, Hungerd, Warrior+enclosure, Hvarflod

Inga, Inge, Ing, god, of, fertility, Ingebjørg, Ingibjorg, Ing+fortification, Ingegerd, Ingegerdr, Ingigerd, Ing+enclosure, Ingelborg, Angle+fortification, Ingeleth, Ingelieth, Ingemund, Ing+protection, Ingerid, Ingeride, Ingerith, Ingerithe, Ingirid, Ingiridr, Ingreda, Ingrede, Ingrid, Ingrith, Ing+fair, Ingunn, Inginn, Ingirun, Ing+secret, lore, Ingolv, Isgerd

Jaddvor, Jaldrud, Jodis, Jofrid, Joreid, Jorun, Jorunn

Kadlin, Katla, Catla, Cauldron, Ketiløy, Kraka, Kula

Ladoga, Langlif, Lathgertha, Liot, Ljót, Ljufa, Luta

Madrene, Maere, Mærita, Mærta, Magnhildr, Strength+battle, Malmfrid, Malmury, Medana, Meregrota, Moeid

Nanna, Nanþ, daring, Nidbjorg, Nud

Oddbjorg, Point+fortification, Oddny, Point+new, Odindis, Odindisa, Olof, Oluva, Olve, Ormhild, Osk, Ota, Ottkatla, Point+cauldron

Rafarta, Ragna, Regin, Advice/decision, Ragnelf, Advice+elf, Ragnheidr, Ragneid, Ragnhild, Ragnhildr, Ragenel, Ragenhild, Ragenild, , Ragenild, Ragenilda, Raghnil, Reynilda, Advice+battle, Rane, Rannveig, Reginleif, Rigware, Ringuar, Ringwar, Ryngewar, Ryngeware, Rogned, Rudda, Runa, Secret, lore, Runild, Runill, Secret, lore+battle, Rusila

Saeunn, Salbjorg, Sela, Siegrith, Sigerith, Sigreda, Sigrid, Victory+Sifled, Sigga, Sigge, Victory, Signild, Victory+battle, Signy, Victory+new, Sigrun, Victory+secret, lore, Sigvid, Victory+tree/wood, Sigvor, Victory+cautious, Sigyn, Victory+Sinna, Skaði, Snaefrid, Snofrid, Snøfrid, Snow+peace, Sølva, Solveig, salr, house/hall+strength, Solvor, House/hall+cautious, Steinunn, Steinvor, Stone+cautious, Stikla, Sueuilda, Svala, Svanhild, Swanild, Swanilda, Swonild, Swan+battle, Svanlaug, Swan+consecrated, Sverra, To, spin/swirl, about, Syflede

Thjodhild, Thjodhold, Thola, Tola, Thora, Thura, Thara, Thor, god, of, thunder, Thorbjorg, Thorborg, Thor+fortification, Thordis, Thor+goddess, Thorelf, Thor+elf, Thorfinna, Thor+Finn, Thorfridr, Tofa, Tove, Thor+peace, Thorgerd, Thor+enclosure, Thorgunna, Thor+strife, Thorhalla, Thor+rock, Thorhild, Thourild, Thurid, Thurild, Thor+battle, Thorkatla, Thor+cauldron, Thorlaug, Thor+consecration, Thorleif, Torleiva, Thor+descndant, Thorljot, Thor+Thorunn, Thor+secret, lore, Thorvor, Thorve, Thorvi, Thor+cautious, Thraslaug, Thrudr, Strength, Thyra, Thyre, Thyrrni, Thyrvi, Tjorven, Tjotta

Ulfheid, Ulfhild, Ulfhildr, Wolf+battle, Una, Unn, Uppsala

Valborg, Placename, Valgerd, Valgerdr, Vandrad, Vebjorg, Vendela, Vibrog, Vigdis, War+goddess, Visna

Ylwa, Yngvild, Yri, Yrsa

Gnomish Male Names

Gemstones: Adi, Devmani, Garnet, Jasper, Jewel, Johar, Mani, Margarito, Ratan

Other Treasures: Adlai, Alamar, Alan, Amul, Aurelius, Aureo, Ivory, Jasper, Jin, Myron, Orel, Silver, Torquato, Zlatko,

Gnomish Female Names

Gemstones: Adi, Amber, Beryl, Bisenija, Chau, Dara, Diamond, Emerald, Esmeralda, Fayruz, Garnet, Gemma, Gretchen, Jade, Jawahir, Jemsa, Jewel, Jumana, Ma, Magali, Mai, Mamie, Manikarnika, Margaret, Margarites, Margot, Meena, Megan, Ngoc, Opal, Panna, Pearl, Peninnah, Rita, Ruby, Sapir, Sapphire, Topaz

Other Treasures: Achsah, Ada, Adah, Alaine, Alana, Aldina, Amoli, Argentina, Ariana, Aurelia, Auriel, Ayako, Chin, Cressida, Crystal, Dhheiba, Eldora, Eun, Fidda, Gaspara, Golda, Golde, Haimi, Ivory, Khryseis, Lujayn, Myra, Nudar, Rukmini, Silver, Sima, Sona